5 Reasons We don't have to "Swap" products.

Someone, somewhere, coined the term, "Zero Waste Swap."

Like if we don't REPLACE our products with "zero waste swaps,” then we aren’t serious about the environment.

Here are 5 reasons we DON'T have to commit and swap.

#1 We're curious!

It's ok to just be curious! Want to know what toothpaste tabs taste like? Curious as to how a bar of dish soap is used? Wonder if a loofa is soft or scratchy?

Come try them out! Not every product is perfect for every person or situation and just because you don't like certain "swaps" or can't remember to use them doesn't mean you aren't trying to live greener.

#2 Use Both!

While some people can make the "swap" to the "greener" product, it's ok to keep and use both!

For example, we have both cloth towels and paper towels in our home because different members of our household use these differently.

Any reduction in paper and plastic is a step in the right direction.

#3 The most ecological product may not be the green product. 😮

For example, mainstream laundry detergents have the chemicals and enzymes capable of eliminating many foul things even in cold water.

So while natural products can easily clean lightly-soiled items, it takes hotter water and more agitation (hence, more energy) to clean the grossest materials.

Given that Americans still get almost 80% of our energy from non-renewable sources, the good intention of reducing chemicals may be offset by the increased production of greenhouse gasses.

Conclusion? Use the most effective product for the specific job. Reserve the strongest stuff for the toughest stains.

#4 We can use different products for home vs away.

Why"swap" out products for every situation of our lives?

Perhaps we can't get used to the shampoo bar at home, but love the low weight and eco-friendly ingredients for washing our hair while skiing, fishing or camping!

#5 It's Human to Forget!

You've been buying bulk hand soap from Costco for years, so it's ok if you aren't yet used to ordering from Rolling Refills! It's easy, but it's a new routine, so there's no hard feelings if we slip your mind.

The same goes for forgotten grocery bags, metal straws, etc- we know that forgetting doesn't mean you're not interested in saving the world!

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