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Rolling Refills

Aluminum Refillable and Recyclable Bottles

Aluminum Refillable and Recyclable Bottles

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Our liter-sized aluminum bottle  is great for shampoo or dish soap (or hand soap if you are a giant).  Holds 32 oz.

The half liter-sized bottle is ideal for shampoo, dish soap or hand soap.   Holds 16 oz.

Comes with pump.

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Obviously!! You will keep refilling this bottle forever, right?


It's aluminum, Baby! Infinitely recyclable! But you knew that, already.


Glass is the classiest container, in our opinion, but just a wee bit scary in the bathroom. Drop this bottle all you want and while you may dent it (adds a cool, rugged look), it won't crash into a million jagged pieces.

Unfortunate Carbon Footprint


Look if you are bothered that this comes from China, then simply go dump out one of your husband's aftershave lotions that you hate and use that bottle!! Win win!

In the meantime, yes, we will continue to scour the Western Hemisphere for an aluminum bottle that's not teeny nor huge and that doesn't cost more than $20. Please send any hot tips our way.

About the Company

FUZHOU FITHOME BAMBOO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in bamboo domestic product development and production. Our factory, which has manufactured bamboo products over 10 years, is located in Nanping city of Fujian province China. Nanping city is one of the most important bamboo growing area in China.

Our existing production area is 11,000 square meters, 2,000 square meters of office space, with total investment USD 5 million. And we spend 20% of our profits on new product development and production improvement.

Now our company has more than 200 employees, including more than 130 well trained and experienced workers.

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