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Bright Batch

Bright Batch Lemon Citrus surface Cleaner All natural, organic

Bright Batch Lemon Citrus surface Cleaner All natural, organic

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What do you do with orange and lemon peels?  Bright Batch makes a cleaner!

This New Orleans company gathers the spent peels from local fruit shops and uses them to make a citrus + vinegar cleaning fluid good for most surfaces.

Buy by ounce and refill the spray container you already have!

$0.40/fluid ounce and also same per weighted ounce.

Made in New Orleans

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Why you’ll love it:

Safe and non-toxic


Fresh and clean- smelling


Citrus peel



Cruelty-free and vegan

Only 3 ingredients, none of which are animal-based!

Zero-waste packaging

Rolling Refills fills up our clean, dry, repurposed bottles from Bright Batches stock. If consumers use their own container as well, then there will be no waste!

About the Company

Bright Batch is a New Orleans-based company using the peels from New Orleans juicers. You can't get more local than that!

From owner, Patrick:

"We try to avoid using something once only to throw it away, especially when it has more value to give.

That's why we started The Bright Batch - a business that repurposes and transforms used materials into usable products here in New Orleans. We source our raw materials from local businesses that are happy to help us give their garbage a new life.

By purchasing our products, you can feel good knowing that you're part of a circular economy, and that's good for you, the community, and this big ball of dirt we call home."