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Laboratory flask-turned dispenser for soap or lotion 16oz

Laboratory flask-turned dispenser for soap or lotion 16oz

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This unique dispenser is sure to impress!  Fill it with any lotion or soap from our store and the "chemical" will only be an illusion.

It stands about 8 inches tall and is 3.5 inches wide.  Holds 500ml (duh) which is about 16oz.

Thrifted in Chalmette, LA.


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Obviously!! Keep refilling until it breaks, then recycle it.


Yes, so long as you get it to the right place. In New Orleans, Glass Half Full is the only glass recycler.

Low Carbon Footprint

Buying local second hand items saves significant carbon! This is because a new item doesn't have to be made or shipped.

Fill it Up!

Select the 8oz (half full flask) or 16oz option for any liquid product we have and

we will deliver your bottle ready to use!

  • Hand Soap

    Everyone will be pleased when a chemical-free lavendar hand soap comes out of your dispenser!

  • Lotion

    Hmmm, experimental liguid in a flask? Nope, just a lovely hand lotion!

  • Laundry Detergent

    Keep this concentrated detergent in your laboratory flask dispenser so that you feel like an evil scientist every time you do laundry.

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