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Yaya Maria's

Yaya Maria's Hand Soap

Yaya Maria's Hand Soap

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The most natural body wash there is, made from just 6 all-natural ingredients everyone understands:

  1. Distilled water
  2. Vegetable glycerin from soybeans
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Potash
  5. Castor oil
  6. One essential oil

That's it... only safe ingredients!

    Formulated and made in-house by Yaya Maria's to maintain quality control. Always made fresh in small batches.

     The branded bottle in images is not included!  Your purchase will be in the container of your choosing and with a Rolling Refills label.

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    Why you’ll love it:

    Gentle & nourishing

    Clean & invigorating

    No chemical residue on body

    Great for sensitive skin

    Safe for the whole family

    Mild scent that doesn't linger

    Great for people & planet:

    Our soap is biodegradable

    Comes in BPA-free bottle

    Manufacturing sends zero waste to landfill

    Made in USA using wind energy

    Ships carbon-neutral & plastic-free

    Supports kids in need (Big Brother, Big Sister)

    Cruelty-free and vegan

    Yaya Maria's respects animals as our fellow beings.

    Our products never contain animal ingredients, and we only work with suppliers who don’t test on animals. Instead our families have tested the products for you!

    Our products are certified cruelty free withLeaping Bunnyand certified vegan byPETA.

    Zero-waste packaging

    Yaya Maria's offers Rolling Refills (and all zero-waste stores) a closed-loop program that allows RR to return empty containers for refilling. Woohoo!

    About the Company

    Yaya Maria's founder Andy says,"Our values come together in one philosophy: keep people and the planet safe. At Yaya Maria's, we're proud to be an independent family-owned business that makes natural products with truly safe ingredients for people who want to maintain their good health."

    For more products and information about Yaya Maria's, please visit their webpage.

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