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Dip Already Conditioner & After Swim Detangler

Dip Already Conditioner & After Swim Detangler

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Dip's solid conditioner bars help moisturize and nourish from scalp to roots to end leaving your hair silky smooth and tangle free without weighing it down. 

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Tested on Humans!

Dip tested this bar on all *human* hair types, textures and dramas.  

How to Use

Swipe very wet bar down very wet hair and re-wet bar between swipes.  Rinse first & then leave some in for some extra frizz fighting--and when in doubt:  over apply!

To see Dip's other products and learn how to use this product for specific hair types, please go to

The Company

Dip Already is owned and run by one fearless leader, Kate Assaraf out of New Jersey. As she puts it:

We are an environmental awareness company parading around as a damn good personal care company (not the other way around)

Rolling Refills Review

We know mosquitoes, Lord do we know mosquitoes! And, yes, there is a perceptible difference in how many times we are bit when we have used this conditioner. Enough to keep them all away? No, but does make a difference.