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Foamer pump topper for mason jars -replacement lid and pump black

Foamer pump topper for mason jars -replacement lid and pump black

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  • Rust-proof steel lid & BPA-free pump to turn any canning jar into a foaming soap dispenser. 

  • Use on any regular mouth mason jars, like Ball & Kerr. Place on bathroom vanity or kitchen sink for easy soap access.

  • Creates luxurious foaming soap with a push. Eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

  • 304 Stainless Steel lids & BPA-free pump are rust-proof & durable, unlike inferior metals which rust & corrode quickly when wet.

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Obviously! Even if the jar breaks, the top can go on another one.

Controversial Source


Yes, we bought these on Amazon. Yes, they were made in China. Yes, the pump itself is plastic.

In the end, we feel the benefits outweigh the negatives. What are the benefits?

  1. We appeal to that group of consumers who like things in Mason jars and give them a little support in their sustainability journey.
  2. We can promote our foaming soap, which is made in Florida and comes concentrated, to a wider audience.
  3. We can keep those friends and relatives who love foaming soap, happy (I think you know who you are)!

We will remain on the lookout for similar items closer to home. In the meantime, we sell these at the same price as Amazon.

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