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Rolling Refills

Half Gallon jug, Abita Springs Beer- turned laundry jug

Half Gallon jug, Abita Springs Beer- turned laundry jug

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Fill 'er up!  With laundry detergent, that is!

Cleaned, dry and ready to fill.

Holds a cool half gallon!  That's 64 fluid ounces.

If you are buying a liquid product with this today, please choose the 32 oz option.  We will contact you to clarify if you want it filled completely and what the additional charge will be.

Bought at an estate sale in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Obviously!! Keep refilling until it breaks, then recycle it.


This depends on the material and the local recycling facility. Contact us for guidance if you are not sure.

Low Carbon Footprint

By refilling a container meant for the trash, the garbage truck doesn't have to transport it to the dump and we don't have to supply you with a new bottle from China. Win, win!

Fill it Up!

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