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Gaia's Garden Goods

Gaia's Garden Goods All Natural Dish Soap Bar Made in Florida Citrus Scent

Gaia's Garden Goods All Natural Dish Soap Bar Made in Florida Citrus Scent

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A dish soap needs to be tough on grime and grease, have a strong, sudsy lather, be a long-lasting, powerful cleaner but gentle on hands! It needs to be septic tank and multi-surface friendly. To be in line with our ethos, it also had to be made with sustainable, biodegradable, and non-toxic ingredients.  This soap has it all AND is affordable.

Gaia's Garden practices the principals of permaculture and sustainable agriculture on their farm to support the environment, combat climate change, and produce goods that support community health. They also partner with other regenerative and local farms and make products from their harvest. 

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Organic coconut oil: known for its powerful cleansing ability.

Organic olive oil: known to be gentle on skin.

Citrus from local farmers: supports local agriculture, improves lather, and adds a fresh, clean scent. 

The oils are saponified with lye and purified water, and citrus juice and essential oils are added to enhance it's lather and refreshing scent.  

Why You'll Love it

  • Sudsy, affordable, effective dish soap without the chemicals, the plastic or even the water! :)

How to use

Here are four ways of using a solid dish soap:

  1. Rub bar across your sponge or scrubby then use on dish.
  2. In a bowl of water, rub soap with hands to make soapy water, then use the water to wash dishes.
  3. Grate soap with a cheese grater to make 4-5 small slices. Dissolve these in a bottle of warm water and use just like liquid soap.
  4. Grate as above but put into a spray bottle! Works as a great surface cleaner!

Woman-owned Business

Gaia's Garden was founded in June 2022 based on the belief that regenerative agriculture is the intersection of environmentalism and human rights. Founder Ariela, first started an urban garden, named it "Gaia's Garden" at a vacant building in the Bronx, NY. "Gaia" after the Greek Mother Earth Goddess. In August 2022, she moved to Central Florida where she now has a farm! Learn more about Gaia's Garden here!

Zero-waste packaging

No packaging at all on the dish bars unless you want multiples! Then we tie them together with scrap cotton fabric!