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Rolling Refills

Reused Bottle or Container from Rolling Refills

Reused Bottle or Container from Rolling Refills

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 Woohoo, look at you saving Earth!

First, choose the product(s) you want, then put this option in the cart. 

We will choose what we feel is the best option out of our clean, dry containers and deliver your product in it.  (The cost of this item is for our labor and labels, in case you wondered.)

You will receive a product label (with backing) to stick to whatever container the product ends up in.

This option is best for customers:

  • Who already have a container with product at home, but will need more product soon.

  • Can't find/don't have time to find the container they want to use in time for delivery day, but know they'll find it, eventually.

  • Who really don't care what the container looks like nor how it functions and will be happy using shampoo out of a Dasani water bottle, if need be.

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Obviously!! Keep refilling until it breaks, then recycle it.


This depends on the material and the local recycling facility. Contact us for guidance if you are not sure.

Low Carbon Footprint

By refilling a container meant for the trash, the garbage truck doesn't have to transport it to the dump and we don't have to supply you with a new bottle from China. Win, win!

Fill it Up!