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Valencia recycled glass bottle vase

Valencia recycled glass bottle vase

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This modern vase looks stunning as a soap or lotion dispenser!

Cleaned, dry and ready to fill.

This florist website (where this bottle is available new) describes it better than us:

"These stunning Valencia Recycled Glass series are produced in Valencia, Spain. Independently collected recycled glass is separated by color. Vessels are then crafted to enhance the design, quality, color and recycled nature of the glass. Over 300 individuals and artisans work together at the factory in Valencia, combining traditional and modern techniques. This use of recycled glass is a perfect example of sustainability. Each piece is crafted in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, which limits greenhouse gasses."

6.3" tall, 3.5" w and holds approximately 20 oz.

If you are buying a liquid product with this today, please choose the 16 oz option.  We will contact you to confirm whether or not you want the bottle filled and will accept the added charge.

Thrifted in Harahan, Louisiana, though not vintage.  

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Obviously!! Keep refilling until it breaks, then recycle it.


Yes, so long as you get it to the right place. In New Orleans, Glass Half Full is the only glass recycler.

Low Carbon Footprint

Buying local second hand items saves significant carbon! This is because a new item doesn't have to be made or shipped.

Fill it Up!

Select the 8oz (about half full) or 16oz option for any liquid product we have and

we will deliver your bottle ready to use!

  • Hand Soap

    Fill this bottle with a chemical-free liquid soap from us and you are doing good 6 ways!! 1. Using recycled glass, 2. Reusing a bottle, 3. buying secondhand, 4. buying locally, 5. supporting small businessess (2!) and 6., reducing chemicals in our waste water!

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  • Lotion

    Simple, but stylish lotion dispenser!

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  • Body Wash

    Elegant body wash dispenser for a sleek, modern bathroom.

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