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Vintage Mexican Tonala hand-painted ceramic cup

Vintage Mexican Tonala hand-painted ceramic cup

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Vintage Mexican pottery. Its vibrant hues and rich details make it a unique and beautiful addition to any home. And so Cute! 

This 80's piece works perfectly with our shave soap bar


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Obviously! Keep using until it breaks, then glue it together and use it some more. 😊


Pottery is inherently recyclable (grind it up and use it to make more clay or other drainage-type uses), but there are very few facilities that actually do this. It also will last thousands of years for future archeologists to discover. So why is this material still a better choice than plastic or even glass? Two big reasons- it doesn't take as much resources to produce and it is completely inert as it is broken up (unless there's lead or mercury-based paint on it, pottery doesn't have any chemicals to leech out.

Low Carbon Footprint

By reusing a container that might have ended up in the trash, the garbage truck doesn't have to transport it to the dump and we don't have to supply you with a new cup from China. Win, win!

Money stays local

We bought this cup from a local thrift store in the New Orleans area, so $$ stayed in the pockets of locals. When you buy it from Rolling Refills, again, the money stays local.

Our Shave Soap Refill Bar goes great with this cup: