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We're all about that local love! (New Orleans, represent!) Catch us 'popping-up' in the coolest spots around town, bringing our goodies to local markets. Sorry, no shipping options available. But fear not, out-of-towners! Just click on the links found on our product pages to buy directly from the talented makers themselves!

A few of our favorite kitcheny things!

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Check out the sustainable bathroom products we love!

  • Dish soaps

    Skip the packaging! We have bulk dish soap from Missouri or, if you would like to also skip the chemicals, we carry all natural dish soap from Flint, Michigan!

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  • Hair and Body

    From Jersey-made shampoo bars to Marrero loofah to made-just-across-the-lake liquid shampoo, you will find what you need.

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  • Laundry

    Try our Louisiana-made powdered detergent for the dirtiest clothes or try an organic, plant-based liquid detergent from Chicago for the gentlest clean.

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What is a Refillery?

Join the refill revolution and keep plastic bottles out of landfills. Choose from our wide range of sustainable options for a greener tomorrow!

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Let's Reduce Plastic Waste


    Turn off the influx of plastic and accept less single-use plastic.


    Rethink what is considered "trash" and reuse glass jars and plastic containers.


    Cut up, paint, glue or even melt "trash" into new and different items.


    Used up in every way possible? Then toss it in the recycle bin and hope it actually gets recycled one day.