Why Should We Care About Plastic Waste?

Plastics have revolutionized everything from delivering drinking water to delivering babies, but without efficient ways to recycle or reuse them, they are now polluting us.

Most single-use plastic is not recycled.

That drink lasts about 3 minutes, but the cup and straw will last over 300 years!!!

One day, when all plastics can be recycled cheaply, Rolling Refills won't have a purpose. We look forward to that day!

In the meantime, each of us can make a difference. By avoiding single-use plastics where possible and reusing them when possible, we can reduce plastic pollution.

So, do We all have to cut out all single-use plastic?


Thousands of people reducing their plastic waste a little will have a BIGGER impact than hundreds of devout "Zero Waste" environmentalists.

How can refilling one soap bottle possibly make a difference?

Power of the Purse, Baby!

Shopping at businesses that aim to reduce plastic waste is our most powerful tool outside of legislative change.

So, no, refilling that one bottle won't reverse more than 100 years of plastic pollution, but it does send a message to Corporate America that we are done with single-use plastic.

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