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  • 2. Choose Container(s)

    When buying liguids, you will choose which type of container we fill (yours, used, thrifted or new).

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    Pick a day that works for you, leave out any containers you want us to fill and we will deliver your purchases to your door!

Too Much? Too Little?

If you ordered more product than your container will hold, we will refund the difference.

If you ordered too little, we will contact you to confirm whether you want to fill the container or not.


Fluid Ounces or Weighted Ounces?

We can thank the Brits for giving the same name to two different ways of measuring a liguid!

Throughout most of our store, the "oz" listed are the fluid ounces (how much volume the liguid takes up).

We also keep track of how much a product weighs (grams per fluid ounce), so we can simply weigh it instead of having to transfer it to a measuring cup prior to filling your container.